This section of the website is intended to give you a guide to facilities and resources in the local area. Please click on the links in the drop down menu for useful information.

Neighbourhood Watch is a community based organisation, and most roads in the village are covered by a road co-ordinator. Membership is free, and members are encouraged to receive the police ‘Ringmaster’ messages via the co-ordinator and to display the door stickers to assist in keeping the village a low crime area. Success has been achieved in most areas of crime: burglary, anti-social behaviour and car crime are rare, and thanks to the ‘no cold calling’ stickers, doorstep crime is also rare. We want to keep it this way!

If you do not receive a visit from your road co-ordinator, but wish to become involved, please contact our local area co-ordinator who lives in the village: Stan Jones on 01494 716278.